How to Kill Bedbugs in 24 Hours

Bedbugs are pesky little creatures. They are also difficult to exterminate. If you need to get rid of your bedbugs, you have two options: extreme heat or extreme cold. Because freezing infested items can take several days, extreme heat is the only way to kill bedbugs in 24 hours or less. You will still need to contact a professional to fully eliminate the bedbugs from your home.

credit: v-verevkin/iStock/Getty Images
Bedbugs can be eliminated with heat.

Step 1

Wash your bedding and linens in hot water, rather than cold water. Once the washing cycle is finished, run the items through the dryer at least once. Start the drying cycle over when it's finished, unless the tag says otherwise.

Step 2

Place smaller items, such as stuffed animals and pillows, in a sealed bag and let them sit in the very hot sun for several hours. Items that cannot be washed or dried must be exposed to heat to eliminate the infestation.

Step 3

Use a hand-held steamer to thoroughly steam your mattress. In most cases, the steam is hot enough to kill the bedbugs. You may also want to let your mattress sit in the sun for a few hours when you are finished.

Step 4

Contact a pest-control specialist to spray your home. Since bedbugs will nest in places other than your bed and linens, the entire home must be treated. Home kits are generally not recommended because the improper application of pesticides can be dangerous.