How to Rid your yard of MOLES, VOLES, Gophers for FREE

I had a brainstorm one day!! WHAT do ANIMALS HATE?? ANSWER: THIER OWN NATURAL PREDATOR. I asked myself what animal a mole would consider to be a natural predator. ANSWER: a cat or dog. Better news...I had both, a cat and a dog.

Backyard once full of mole tunnels

I discovered a method of ridding my yard of mole tunnels out of desperation.

The solution: making the mole tunnels SMELL like a dog and a cat were nearby.

A natural enemy of the MOLE

Step 1

Collect kittie do-do from the litter box. I saved my cat feces in an empty coffee can. Likewise, collect doggie do-do from the backyard. If you don't have a cat or dog you probably have a friend who does. This process is FREE. You have nothing to lose by trying it. I tried all those expensive lawn care mixtures and they did not work. In fact, I think my problem got worse with them. I even tried those expensive electonic gizmos that you have to keep filled with size D batteries (for another expense); I had a mole move in next to one; that is how poorly THAT worked for me.

Step 2

Next, go to the mole tunnels that are at the surface of your yard and use using a garden trowel dig a little until you see the tunnel. Take of scoop of dog or cat do-do and place it in the tunnel. Close the tunnel back up with the same dirt.

Step 3

If your cat do-do has clumping cat litter on it that is FINE, too. In fact, you know how that clumping litter is sticky; well, I think that further discourages the rodents. And since the feces and litter are UNDER the ground in the tunnel it does not bother anything else.