How to Install Corrugated Metal Siding

Corrugated metal siding is a fast and easy way to side a home, barn, or shed. It is a versatile building material, used for both commercial and residential applications. Using a few tools, you can have your siding in place very quickly, giving you even more time to enjoy the durable, professional look that corrugated metal can provide.

Corrugated metal siding looks great and is very durable.

Step 1

Make sure the building frame is ready to accept corrugated metal siding. Any wiring or insulation should be tucked away and any foam boards or other barriers nailed into place.

Step 2

Place the first siding sheet in place. Begin at the bottom corner of one side of the structure. Nail the sheet into place using the holes pre-fabricated into the metal, or nail the sheets to the studs according to manufacturer instructions.

Step 3

Continue to add sheets. Install the lowest layer first along the side, then move up to the next layer. At the topmost layer, cut the sheets to the necessary height if necessary, before installing.

Step 4

Install the edging guards at each corner of the building. These guards protect the metal from being torn off and it protect individuals from getting cut.

Step 5

Place trim around windows and doors, and if necessary, seal the trim to avoid moisture leakage.

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