How to Use Fragrance Oil Burners

Fragrance oil burners are an easy and affordable way to add fragrance to your home. For many, a space that smells nice often goes hand in hand with good moods and a greater sense of comfort and "home." Fortunately, fragrance oil burners come in a variety of scents that allow you to customize the feeling of your house. From fresh cotton to warm spices to earthy scents, there's something available for everyone.

A typical Fragrance Oil Burner

Step 1

Purchase an oil burner that fits your needs. Oil burners come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes and can be found online, in department stores or even at your local home goods store. While one burner is different from the next, each has a place for a tea light candle underneath a curved pot (for your oil/water).

Step 2

Pour two to three drops of the fragrance oil of your choice into the cup of your oil burner. Most will either come with an eye dropper or have a special nozzle that only allows drips to come out.

Step 3

Add water to top off the cup of your burner. Fill it until there is approximately a quarter inch of space left at the top.

Step 4

Light your tea light candle with a lighter or match. Place it underneath the cup and move your fragrance burner to the location of your choice.