Snow peas, bean sprouts and broccoli sometimes seem the only vegetables that people associate with China. In actuality, there are dozens of different vegetables grown in China. Most are no different than the vegetables found in markets around the world. And the vegetables come in most colors of the rainbow: green, yellow, red, purple and white.

What Vegetables Grow in China?

Green Vegetables

Vegetables at the market

Green veggies abound in China. Popular green vegetables grown there include cucumbers, spinach, celery, garlic shoots, green peppers, cilantro, broccoli, lettuces, snow peas, rape, artichokes, green onions and string beans. Yard-long string beans are served on birthdays because the length of the bean is said to represent long life.

Yellow Vegetables

Corn is a popular vegetable in China, where it's served on and off the cob. Sweet potatoes and ginger are also grown in China.

Red Vegetables

Although technically a fruit, tomatoes are generally eaten like vegetables (in salads) and are popular to grow in China. Other red veggies grown in China include radishes, and red and chili peppers.

White Vegetables

Garlic, the most popular seasoning used in cooking, and also served pickled as a side dish, is grown in China. Potatoes, leeks, cauliflower, lotus root and onions are other white vegetables grown around China.

Mixed Colors

Vegetables of other colors grown in China include purple eggplants, orange carrots and the Chinese turnip, which is lime green on the outside and fuchsia-colored on the inside.