Dangers of an Air Compressor

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Dangers of an Air Compressor

An air compressor is a mechanical device used to pull large amounts of air into a cylinder. The large amount of air pressurizes due to the limited space available for the air to reside. When released through a hose, the pressurized air from the air compressor has several purposes. Whether the air compressor is utilized to pump vehicle tires, blow away dirt, or clean residue off surfaces, there are dangers that should be considered to ensure proper use of an air compressor.



A common danger of air compressors is the possibility that the compressor vessel will rupture under excessive pressure. Because too much pressure inside the air compressor can make the container rupture and explode, a pressure gauge is included on the air compressor machine. The air compressor should come with a manual and warning label explaining what is considered a dangerous level of pressure inside the air compressor.

Oil Leaks

Many air compressors run off oil or contain an oil chamber to keep the machine working smoothly. An oil leak in any type of machine is a dangerous occurrence. If the air compressor is used in a garage where torches or flames are used, it is highly dangerous, especially when the oil leak goes undetected until a fire or explosion occurs. If the oil leak traces completely back to the air compressor's air container, the compressor could cause a large explosion.


Foreign Particles

Oil or water making its way into the tank of the air compressor has the potential to cause a dangerous explosion. Oil is flammable and is one of the flammable substances that may cause an explosion when placed under extreme pressure. Water also has the potential to cause a dangerous explosion when given the chance to make its way into the air compressor tank.


Various parts of the air compressor device are ignitable when exposed to intense heat or flame. Avoiding using the air compressor near other devices that produce heat or flame will prevent dangerous events from occurring from the improper placement of the air compressor. Dangerous temperatures include temperatures that cause burns to human flesh. Heat from the sun has not caused overheating of an air compressor tank.



Improper use and maintenance allows numerous events and circumstances to add to the risk of danger when using an air compressor. Following the guidelines included in the owner's manual of the air compressor you own ensures that you are taking the appropriate steps in preventing dangerous adverse reactions from occurring.


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