How to Keep Frogs Out of My Fish Pond

Though harmless, frogs can be pesky critters, leaving their droppings underfoot and croaking all night. It's an entirely different story when a pond is involved. Frogs can wreak havoc on plant life, fish and filtration systems. It is believed that frogs always return to the pond where they hatched to breed. When left to their natural devices, frog numbers will grow exponentially, turning a nuisance into a real problem. Keeping fish pond frog population under control can be challenging.

Deter frogs humanely

Pour 1 cup of table salt into a spray bottle. Fill the spray bottle with water. Shake thoroughly.

Spray the salt water around the pond. Take care not to spray directly on plants.

Scoop out any frog eggs and relocate to a nearby natural pond. Apply salt water sparingly as most plants hate it.