Rosemary is a fragrant and handsome herb to plant around your home. It loves being neglected and will live happily with you, adding greenery during the bleak winter and pretty little blue flowers in the spring and summer. You can clip away and the patient plant will just grow thicker and faster.

Sprig of rosemary
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Rosemary does not grow well from seeds, so cuttings are a good method for propagation.

Step 1

Cut some clippings from an existing rosemary bush. You can do this at the same time you go out to pick some rosemary for your roast beef or other meats for dinner. Set a few sprigs aside while you get your dinner ready.

Step 2

Place the extra cuttings you set aside in a green glass or jar. You don't have to do anything special to them except add some water and set them in the windowsill that gets good sunlight.

Step 3

Add some flower blooms to the glass if you want to add a bit of color. Change the water as you think of it to keep the water clean.

Step 4

Lift the cuttings from the glass carefully after about two or three weeks and you will notice white roots spreading out from the woody stem. Separate the cuttings gently.

Step 5

Dig a hole in your flower bed with a hand spade where the rosemary will have room to grow and several hours of full sunshine. It will only need to be as deep as the rooted portion of the cutting. Set the rooted cutting in the hole and gently fill in the dirt around it.

Step 6

Water the cutting for the next few days until it gets established. That's all you have to do. Start picking the tips off and it will grow multiple stems, and within a year, you will have a healthy rosemary bush.