How to Fix Snags in Berber Carpet

Do you have a running snag (a long, loose but not broken thread) in your Berber carpet? These ugly consequences of wear and tear can really bring down the whole look of your home. Pets can also cause snags. But all hope is not lost; here's how to fix it:

Carpet Snags Look Ugly

Step 1

Count the number of loops it will take to fill the run on both sides of the pulled strand. This is very important because if you under count you may ruin your Berber carpet. If you over count you may have to do this again. Double check, once you've counted the loops once.

Step 2

Count the curls in the yarn and cut it where it'll provide the right amount of yarn for both sides of the run. The curls can run pretty tightly, again count carefully.


Protect the surrounding area of carpet with masking tape. Make a tight seal.

Step 4

Squeeze a heavy bead of carpet seam adhesive into the run. You can find these at Lowes or Home Depot in the United States. Any carpet store will have this.

Do As Shown!

Use a nail punch to press each 'scab' (spot where the original adhesive clings to the yarn) down into the carpet's backing until the re-established loop is at the correct height.

Follow the illustration carefully.

Try not to make a lot of mistakes or your Berber carpet will not look right and you will need to hire a professional.

Don't worry though, if you take you time and do this slowly it will be worth it and your Berber carpet will look like new again.