Unless your hobby is beekeeping, most people prefer to keep bees away. Certain times a year, mostly when it is enjoyable to be outside, it seems that bees are also outside flying around busily. There are some things you can do to keep bees away.

Keep Bees Away

Limit or eliminate nectar from your property. Nectar is one of the three things bees are attracted to most.

Nectar includes flowers and flowering trees, but also includes other things that smell sweet to bees like pop cans, beer cans, and other sweet trash. Limit the amount of flowers in the areas of your property where bees are unwanted. Keep all trash cleaned up and cover trash cans and keep them inside or in a trash can container.

Eliminate sources of pollen from your property. Pollen mostly is associated with flowers, but some trees like elm, apple, and other flowering trees will also be a source of pollen. Pollen is also one of the three things bees are attracted to most.

Eliminate water sources from your property. Water is the third thing that bees will likely choose to make their hive near. Bees need water to drink and use water to cool their hives on hot days. Get rid of bird bathes, open buckets or anything that collects water on your property. This will also help if you have mosquito problems.

For pool owners, there are some ways to make your pool not as appealing for bees. Use an algae control product in your pool. These chemicals are safe when used under the manufacturer's recommendations for people, but they lower the surface tension at the top of the pool. Bees are light enough to land on the pool surface, then collect the water they need and fly away. They can land on the water because of a phenomenon called water surface tension. When an algae control product is used, they sink.

Cover the pool tightly when not in use. Bee cannot get to the water if a good pool cover is restricting their access.

Keep your lawn mowed. Some bees like tall grassy areas to make their nest. Mow the lawn frequently and use a trimmer in hard to reach areas like fence lines, near buildings, and around trees and landscaping.

If you find a bees nest, do not disturb it during the daytime. Wait until the cool of the evening. Get a can of bee and hornet killer that will spray at least 20 feet. Make sure there is very little wind. Spray the nest from a distance until it is soaked. As soon as you spray the nest for an ample amount of time, get out of there. Wait until the next day to check on the bees nest. The bees will all be dead. You can knock down the bees nest with a stick. To keep bees away sometimes removing bees from your property is required.