How to keep Petunias looking great

Just how to keep those petunias growing.


Step 1

many of us love to decorate our homes with flowers. One of the most beautiful and great scented flowers is the petunia. It is a hearty plant and will last all summer long with the proper care. It also comes in many different varieties such as the Striped, Veined or solid colors.

Step 2

They thrive in full sun or partial shade. They don't require too much effort and will help beautify your home. The blooms repeat all summer and there are some that do not require dead heading, (removing the dead blossoms) but even these should be pruned once in awhile. Removing the blossoms can be annoying as they are very sticky, but once done your plant will thank you for it.


By picking the dead blooms more blooms will come. If you don't chances are the plant will stunt it's growth. Make sure when you pick the dead blooms off you get the whole thing so that the next bloom can blossom. Extreme heat can also effect the growth as they do not do well with very warm temps.

Step 4

Finally when you water them (usually once a day in warmer weather) use a tepid water. This the plants really seem to enjoy. If it is too hot or cold it can shock the roots.