There are loans and grants available from the government and non-profit organizations to help low income Americans make repairs and improvements to their homes. These loans are approved based on the needs of the applicant, rather than on their credit-worthiness.

If you are a homeowner and you have been putting off needed repairs because you can't afford to pay for them, then read on to discover the information you will need to find out what low income home repair programs are available and which ones you may qualify for.

Determine What Repairs Need to be Done

Take a look around and assess what repairs need to be made. Make a list in order of their impact on your family's health, safety and security. Repairs such as leaky pipes, or roofs, electrical problems, installing a bathroom, repairing floors, windows and other problems like these can be covered by these grant or loan programs.

Get an Estimate

Find a contractor to come in and give you a detailed estimate of the cost of the repairs. Use this information to create a budget for the project. You will need this information later when you are preparing grant or loan applications.


The U.S. federal government provides several programs designed to help low income people repair and maintain their homes.

The USDA Section 504 Rural Housing Loans and Grants program offers housing repair loans and grants for very low-income people who live in rural areas. The USDA's rural development web site shows the housing programs that they have available and any current updates. (See Resources.)

Grants is the first place to look when you want to find information about U.S. government grants. At this web site you will find information for over 1,000 grant programs and access to the approximately $500 billion in grant awards each year. Visit their blog where you can find links to webcasts, subscribe to their newsletter and get updates about new grant opportunities as soon as they are posted.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is a good resource when you are searching for home repair grants. HUD has local offices in each state, and they also have a web site where you can access their services. (See Resources.) HUD uses to administer their grant programs, and you can find information on the HUD website about how to participate in their grant programs and get help in completing your application.

Local Resources

Research what programs might be available to you from your state or local government's economic development or housing office. The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance provides a listing of all of the programs that the federal government makes available to the states and the District of Columbia, along with tribal governments non-profit organizations and individuals. You can search for specific programs, agencies and find your local agency offices.

Don't let your lack of money delay the needed repairs to your home any longer. Take a moment and research some of the programs available today and find one that meets your needs.