How to Lay Mulch Around the Home Foundation

Weeds can be the number one summer headache. If you do not have grass all the way to your home foundation, you know that weeds will grow and take away from the beauty that you thrive for outside every year. See how to lay mulch around the home foundation and make it look so beautiful that everyone will think that you spend hours and plenty of money to achieve the incredible and different look that you have now.

Lay Mulch Around the Home Foundation

Step 1

Use the weedeater to knock down the weeds to the bare ground. You have little weed stumps, but that will be just fine. If you have any little trees starting from scratch, use a shovel and dig it out. The roots should not be that deep or strong.

Step 2

Measure how far out you want to come from the foundation. This step depends on your particular situation. You want to come out far enough to meet the grass so that no weeds grow between the timbers and the grass.

Place the black weed blocking plastic down over the area that you will cover with mulch. You will not need to tack this down, as you will have enough weight from the timbers and mulch to hold it in place.

Place two timbers on top of each other and continue until you reach the end where you will make a corner. Drill holes at each end of the timber half way down. Take a long screw, drop it onto the hole, and use a screwdriver to screw the two timbers together.

Make your end pieces interlock by cutting on one timber short and one corner piece short. See photo for example. Connect the timbers together by drilling and screwing them together as you did with the long timbers.

Add mulch to the top of the layered timbers. This will give you plenty of darkness and beauty to prevent the weeds from coming back.