How to kill Grubs. Got grubs? Heres how to get them gone!

How to kill Grubs and maybe some tips on keeping them killed.

Step 1

First you have to understand a few things about Grubs. Grubs are the larval form of Beetles (family Coleoptera). Now they aren't just one species of beetle but several. And some live for much longer than one year in the larval form. Now that being said if you have treated your lawn before and thought you solved the problem and stopped treating it, you haven't. You only got a temporary reprieve. You see not only do you have to keep a schedule of treatments to keep things under control but also keep it up every year. This is the only way for effective control, not a one time gig.

Step 2

All right onto the killing. If you have already determined you have a problem you will want to look into pesticides or insecticides. There are specific grub killing ones out there just see your local garden center. Use a granular first but follow that treatment up with a spray. Sprays are more effective than a granular due to the fact they can reach more grubs. Some good products are Dylox or Sevin and to keep from having future outbreaks Merit.

Step 3

So you don't want to go the pesticide route? Or you don't pesticides? Well there are a few natural options. You could always just leave the problem alone. Grubs attract natural predators and parasitic wasps. These will kill grubs, but they actually little regard for your yard. And by using this method you may attract moles, birds, digger bees and tons of wasps you don't want to have in your yard.

Step 4

Another step is to purchase bacteria. More specifically you are looking for the Milky Spore disease. This bacteria is to be used only on moderate infestations to light. Best be is to put the bacteria in there at the start of the season as they are suppose to cycle throughout the year.

Step 5

You also can use Nematodes for this little grubs. Look for something called the HB strain. These little guys need to be used when the soil is at least 70 degrees and be applied with water as well. Follow package directions.

Step 6

For longer control you can always try a little trick. Grubs tend to congregate in yards that are more open to sunshine and light. Just plant a few shade trees to see if you can at least cut down on the amount of grubs in your yard.