How to Get Soap Scum Off Glass Shower Doors

Glass shower doors and fixtures are prized for their permanence and elegance and for the amount of light they allow into the shower area. Soap scum, hard water marks and other grime can damage the appearance of a shower and the feel of an entire bathroom. Many relatively harsh shower and glass cleaning chemicals are commercially available, but it is possible to clean soap scum from a glass shower door using common household supplies.

Glass shower door with stainless steel handle
credit: Jupiterimages/ Images
A solid glass shower door is easier to clean and harbors less mildew than a shower curtain.

Step 1

Combine equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle.

Step 2

Spray the glass shower door thoroughly with the vinegar solution.

Step 3

Scrub the vinegar-covered shower door with a sponge.

Step 4

Rinse off scrubbed areas, spray additional vinegar solution and scrub the door until the scum is entirely loosened. For especially tough areas, let the vinegar solution sit on the door for a few minutes before scrubbing.

Step 5

Pour a small amount of white vinegar in the track on the shower door if there is scum built up in it.

Step 6

Scrub the track with an old toothbrush.

Step 7

Rinse the shower door and track thoroughly with water until all loosened scum rinses off and the strong scent of vinegar has mostly or entirely disappeared.

Step 8

Wipe the door dry with a clean towel, if desired, to prevent any dried water marks.

Step 9

Wipe down the glass shower door weekly with a sponge saturated with white vinegar to prevent future soap scum buildup and eliminate the need for hard scrubbing.