How to Get a Swamp Cooler Ready for Summer

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Things You'll Need

  • Swamp Cooler

  • New Pads (Optional)

  • Oil

  • Clear Coat Spray Paint

  • Steel Wool

Maintaining your swamp cooler will help it to be more efficient and help it to have a longer life.

If you own a swamp cooler, it is important to do a little maintenance on it to get it ready for the summer season. Keeping your air conditioner maintained is important to help it run more efficiently (therefore saving you money on energy costs) and also to ensure it has a long life.

Step 1

Remove the side sections from all three sides of the swamp cooler. Usually there is a small clip that can be rotated in order to release them.

Step 2

Inspect the pads to see how brittle they are. If they are too old, they will not absorb the water necessary to efficiently cool your home. Replace the pads if necessary by removing the metal pieces holding the old pad in.

Step 3

Inspect the belt that turns the motor. It should be smooth and free of cracks. Replace if necessary.

Step 4

Inspect the body of the swamp cooler for rust. It should be drained from the previous season, but if not, drain it now. Any rust spots need to be rubbed down with steel wool and sprayed with a clear coat to protect it from further damage.

Step 5

Clear out all debris from the bottom of the cooler. Debris can get caught in the water pump and permanently damage it.

Step 6

Add oil to lubricate the motor. There is usually a little cap that flips open in order to accomplish this task, but you may want to consult the owner's manual for further spots to lubricate.

Step 7

Reassemble your swamp cooler and fill with water.


For safety, turn off the electricity to your cooler while servicing it. After sitting for an entire season, be prepared for a lot of dirt and rocks to come flying out of your cooler the first time it is turned on.