Being sick can really take the life out of you. Certain communicable illnesses have germs that can live a long time, so to be absolutely sure that you won't relapse or that nobody else in your house will get ill, you must clean thoroughly once you are fully functioning again.

Remember to sanitize your thermometer.

Step 1

Wash all of your bedding as soon as possible -- even your comforter and any other blankets on your bed. Also, be sure to clean your pillows. Read the instructions on the tag. Some pillows can be laundered normally; other pillows (such as feather pillows) require special care, such as dry cleaning.

Step 2

Sanitize your thermometer or else you'll just put it away and forget about it. The easiest way to sanitize a thermometer is to stick the end of it in a small glass of hydrogen peroxide.

Step 3

Clean or throw away your toothbrush. If you don't want to trouble yourself with getting a new toothbrush, disinfect your toothbrush by sticking it in a glass of hydrogen peroxide.

Step 4

Make sure that any dishes you used while you were ill are washed thoroughly, and use disinfecting spray and/or wipes in your kitchen area. Remember to also use disinfectants on commonly used areas in the kitchen, such as refridgerator/freezer door handles, knobs to cupboards, and any other places you can think of.

Step 5

Spray germ-killing disinfectant over any other areas of the home where you spent time while you were sick. Focus on the couch, TV remote, your nightstand, and -- especially -- the bathroom. This can be a hotspot for germs due to the favorable humid conditions. Spend time disinfecting the bathroom. Use wipes, spray and bleach to thoroughly clean the sink and toilet.

Step 6

Wipe down other items such as your phone, cell phone, and even the steering wheel of your car (if you had to drive while sick) with a disinfectant wipe.