How to Cut Ceramic Tiles with a Dremel Tool

Dremel tools are versatile tools for cutting many types of materials, including ceramic tiles. It is always recommended to become familiar with the tool before using it. Also, make a few trial cuts before cutting the tile needed to complete a tile installation or tile project.

Dremel 300 Series Rotary Tool
Dremel Tile Cutting Bit

Place a Dremel tile cutting bit into the tool collet. Tighten the collet securely. Plug the tool into a power supply. Mark the tile where the cut needs to be made.

Step 2

Turn the tool to the "10" setting (25,000 to 35,000 RPM). Hold the tile securely. Use the cutting bit to drill a hole into the tile, and then follow the cut marking until the cut is finished.

Step 3

Turn the Dremel tool off. Unplug the Dremel tool. Apply adhesive to the tile and put it into place.

Josh Nuttall

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