Free Plans to Build a Bunk Bed

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Bunk bed in a kid's bedroom.
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The vertical layout of bunk beds makes the most out of tight quarters and frees up valuable floor space. Although it's a convenient option for siblings sharing a room, a new set can come with a hefty price tag. By using free plans to build a bunk bed, handy homeowners may save money on these space-saving beds.

Free Plans on the Web

A multitude of free woodworking plans online detail how to build a bunk bed. In addition to free standard twin and loft bed plans, woodworking and decorating websites often provide woodworkers with the specific materials, cut lists and tools required to finish each project as well as step-by-step illustrated instructions.

Alternative Resources

Search the card catalog at your local library for a how-to carpentry book about building bunk beds or look for a free copy available for download to your electronic reading device. Consider free apps for your smartphone or electronic reader, such as the DIY Bunk Beds app, that include a variety of bunk-bed plans with detailed instructions and helpful pictures.


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