How to Put a Daybed Together

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Things You'll Need

  • Slotted screwdriver

  • Adjustable slip-slot pliers

  • Hex key wrench set

Put a Daybed Together

Put a daybed together and let it serve as a couch during the day. The framing around the back and sides are designed to give the appearance of a spacious couch. Daybed pillows are made large to take up some of the width of the bed and give sturdy back support. Regular beds appear to be out of place in a living room, but there aren't always enough bedrooms to sleep everyone in a household. Efficiency apartments don't come with a bedroom. A daybed offers a solution to furnish a common area and sleep in it.


Step 1

Attach one of the side railings to the back rail. Hold the side railing against the back rails at a 90-degree angle with both pieces upright. Insert one of the slug nuts into the top hole in the back rail. Stick a support screw in through the top hole in the side rail. Adjust the slug with a slotted screwdriver so the threaded hole opens toward the incoming screw. When the slot on the slug is horizontal, the opening lines up correctly. Use a hex key wrench to tighten the screw with clockwise turns. Secure the other three support screws that hold these two pieces together in the same way.


Step 2

Attach the other side railing to the opposite side of the back rails. Hold the side rail up against the backing and slip in the top slug nut. Tighten the top support screw with the hex key wrench first, then the other three.

Step 3

Fasten the frame mounts. Each leg of the railing has two holes for attaching frame mounts about 2 feet up from the floor. Slip two support screws through the holes in the outside of the leg so they point inward. Place the mounting bracket against the leg with the screws sticking through. Rotate the nuts on by hand as far as you can, then tighten them with slip-slot pliers on the nut and a hex key wrench on the screw. Attach a mounting bracket to each leg as such.


Step 4

Secure the link spring mattress support to the frame mounts. Place the link springs under the daybed frame in the direction it will be attached. Bring one corner of the link spring frame up so the fastening hole meets the hole in the mounting bracket. Push the holder screw in so the head is facing out. Twist the nut on by hand as far as possible. Tighten by holding the nut with slip-slot pliers and turning the screw with a slotted screwdriver. Attach the other three corners of the link springs frame to their respective mounts by the same means.


Step 5

Fill all the screw holes and slug nut holes in the wooden frame with grommets. Stuff the unfinished end of a grommet into a hole and tap it all the way in with the butt end of a screwdriver.

Step 6

Place a standard twin mattress over the link springs. Cover with bedding and dress with daybed pillows.


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