How to Make a Terrarium for a Venus Flytrap

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Things You'll Need

  • Two-liter bottle (soda bottle)

  • Dish, bowl or flower pot (top should be roughly width of soda bottle)

  • Spaghnum moss or peat moss

  • Sand, pumice or perlite

  • Venus flytrap

  • Distilled water

  • Sharp knife or scissors

Make a Terrarium for a Venus Flytrap

Venus flytraps have always captivated people's minds. They are one of nature's wonders: a member of the plant kingdom that eats members of the animal kingdom. Most people have wanted a venus flytrap at one point in their life, but the terrariums they come in are always so small. Using a few objects that can probably be found around the house, you can make your very own venus flytrap terrarium in the comfort of your home.

Step 1

Put peat moss or spaghnum moss into the bowl or dish. The amount you use will depend on the size of the dish you are using. Only fill the dish half full with the moss.

Step 2

Fill the remainder of the dish with either pumice, sand or perlite. Do not use potting soil. The venus flytrap gets its nutrients from the insects it eats. Potting soil is unnecessary and may kill the plant.

Step 3

Take the two-liter bottle and remove the label from it. Use a clear bottle for this. A Coke or Diet Coke bottle will work great for this.

Step 4

Use your knife or scissors to cut the bottle in the middle. This will create your dome for the terrarium. Use caution while cutting.

Step 5

Mix the moss in your dish with the pumice, sand or perlite. Once it is mixed well, put the venus fly trap into the mixture. Make sure its roots are covered very well.

Step 6

Place the top half of the two-liter bottle you cut in half over the fly trap. Press the bottle down into the sand. Ensure that you have the top of the bottle still on to keep humidity in the terrarium.

Step 7

Water the venus flytrap with distilled water. Keep the moss mixture moist but not soggy. Do not purposefully spring the trap mechanism either. This will prevent the fly trap from eating when it needs to. Feed the fly trap small insects.


Do not give the venus fly trap meats such as hamburger, sausage or anything other than small insects.

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