How to Replace the Tire Tubes on an Instep Jogging Stroller

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Things You'll Need

  • Tire levers

  • Inner tube

  • Tire pump

InStep Run Around LTD Jogging Stroller

InStep Jogging Strollers are easy to push because they're balanced well, are lightweight and have pneumatic (air-up) tires instead of hard rubber tires. Flat tires from punctures are rare because the tires are resilient and don't support much weight. Blowouts from over-inflation and leaks from cuts in the inner tube's valve stem due to under-inflation are more common. When a flat does happen, the tube can be changed fairly quickly and easily. Follow these steps to fix the flat and get back on the road.

Step 1

Front wheel with quick release in half open position.

Remove the wheel if the front tire is flat. Flip the quick release lever back to loosen the wheel. Spread the fork slightly and pull the wheel away from the fork. Leave the rear wheels on the InStep Stroller if one of them is flat. Turn the stroller on its side so it's easier to reach the wheel.

Step 2

Park tire levers.

Press down on the valve stem to let the remainder of the air out of the tube. Work one of the tire levers, curved side up, between the rim and the tire bead. Insert a second tire lever the same way, 3 or 4 inches from the first.

Step 3

Use tire levers to remove the tire from the rim.

Push both levers toward the center of the wheel to lift the bead from the rim. Remove one lever and insert it a few inches farther down, repeating the process until the bead is loose. Once it is, slide one lever along the bead until half the tire is free of the rim.

Step 4

Press the valve stem to loosen it from the rim, then pull the tube out. Run your fingers lightly along the inside of the tire and feel for anything that might cause a puncture. Be sure no spokes are protruding through the rim strip. If so, file them down so they can't puncture the new tube.

Step 5

Inflate the new tube just enough to give it a round shape. Tuck the tube into the tire and align the valve stem with the hole in the rim and push it most of the way through, making sure it's straight.

Step 6

Put the tire bead back over the rim by hand. If you must use tire levers, be careful not to puncture the tube.

Step 7

Inflate the tire to the pressure recommended on the sidewall. The bead should be evenly seated all the way around. If it's not, deflate the tire and re-inflate it. The air pressure will help it seat properly. Screw on the valve cap.

Step 8

Put the front wheel back in the fork. Center the wheel in the fork and push the quick-release lever back so that the nuts are snug against the fork dropouts.


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