How to Make Furniture Out of Driftwood

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Things You'll Need

  • Large, sturdy driftwood

  • Light grade sandpaper

  • Clear polyurethane

  • Glass top, cut to size

  • Auto adhesive


Driftwood furniture makes a lovely addition to your beach home, lake house or eclectic décor. You can make a variety of furniture from driftwood, depending on its shape and size. Hat and coat racks are obvious choices for smaller driftwood pieces, but you can make a coffee table or end tables with large sturdier pieces. Add a glass top to the tables and you will enjoy the beauty of the driftwood from a different angle.

Step 1

Find a piece of driftwood that suits the size of your table online or on the beach. Pay attention to the shape of the wood, as you need a solid base on the floor and even sections to place your table top. You can make adjustments to the overall shape of the driftwood by adding support blocks of wood as unobtrusively as possible. You can also use a combination of driftwood to achieve the size of your table base. Attach the pieces of driftwood together with brackets or wood screws as needed.

Step 2

Measure the size of glass for your table top based on the space it will occupy and its purpose. Coffee tables can be larger and shaped as you like, but end tables typically have smaller surfaces. Have the glass cut and edged at your local home improvement store or glassworks store.

Step 3

Clean and sand the driftwood to remove any debris and unwanted roughness. This step may not be necessary, depending on how you come by your driftwood. Apply two to three coats of polyurethane to the wood for protection. You can choose the gloss level of your polyurethane topcoat to match the décor of your room. More rustic decorating styles prefer less shine and more roughness to the wood.

Step 4

Pinch dime-sized sections of auto adhesive, one for every spot on the driftwood that touches the glass. Knead the adhesive until it is activated according to the manufacturer's directions. Place the softened material onto the driftwood where the glass will rest.

Step 5

Place your glass on top of the driftwood, resting on the adhesive. Press down firmly when you have the glass in place.


Hang crystal prisms from a few points on the driftwood for added interest.


Wear protective gloves when working with wood.


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