Troubleshooting a Whirlpool Oven

Check that the oven controls are set properly. Press the "Start" pad to begin all functions except for the timer, control lock and sabbath mode.

Troubleshooting a Whirlpool Oven

Oven Doesn't Work

Check that you haven't set a delayed start. Press "Cancel/Off" or open the oven door to clear the timer delay.

(Some models) Verify that the control lock is turned off. Turn the control lock on or off by pressing and holding "3" on the number pad for five seconds, until "Control Lock" appears in the display. Repeat to turn off the lock.

(Some models) Verify that sabbath mode isn't on. To enable or disable sabbath mode: Open the oven door, press "Cancel/Off," press "7896" on the number pad, press "Cancel/Off," and close the oven door.

(Double ovens) You cannot use the remaining oven when one is self-cleaning.

(Double ovens) Make sure you have selected the correct oven. Press "Upper Oven" or "Lower Oven."

Display Shows Messages

"PF," "PF id=27," or "PF id=30." You had a power failure. Clear the display and reset the clock if necessary.

Display shows a letter followed by a number: Clear the display. If it reappears, call for service.

Self-Cleaning Doesn't Work

Check that the oven door is fully closed.

Verify that you entered the self-cleaning function correctly: On double ovens, first select "Upper Oven" or "Lower Oven," then (for all models) press "Clean," followed by "Start."

You may have selected a delayed start: You will see the start time and "Delay" on the display.

(Double ovens) You can only clean one oven at a time.

Poor Cooking Results

Check that the oven temperature is correctly calibrated. To adjust the temperature calibration, press and hold "Bake" until the calibration appears in the display, for example, "0°F Cal Cook Temp." Press "Bake" to increase and "Broil" to decrease the temperature by increments of 5 degrees Fahrenheit. Press "Start."

Check that the oven is level.

Preheat the oven.

Set the correct temperature and cooking time.

Position the oven racks correctly to ensure good air circulation.

If you open the oven door while cooking, remember to cook longer to compensate for the heat loss.

If baked items are too brown on the bottom, move the oven rack to a higher position.

If the tops of baked goods brown too early, cover with aluminum foil until goods are fully baked.