Catnip is a member of the mint family, and over the years it has been used to make herbal tea, treat colds and flavor foods. But mosquitoes are not so wild over catnip, and catnip essential oil is sold as an alternative to traditional bug repellent. You can make your own basic catnip essential oil at home.

Make Catnip Essential Oil

Step 1

Dry the catnip by securing several cuttings with twine and hanging upside down.

Step 2

Combine catnip and olive oil in a clean mason jar and secure lid. Use approximately 1/4 oz. dried catnip to 1 cup oil.

Step 3

Leave the sealed jar in a sunny window for several weeks.

Step 4

Strain the catnip from the infused oil, and discard the dried catnip.

Step 5

Store the strained catnip essential oil in a clean jar.