How to Get Rid of Flying Termites

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Things You'll Need

  • Glass scraper

  • Orange oil

  • Termindor SC

  • Termite baits

  • Phantom Termiticide

Flying Termite

Flying termites can quickly cause a lot of damage to your home or outdoor buildings. Be able to identify the flying termites so that you can begin the process of getting rid of them. Termites that can fly reproduce quickly so you should not put off exterminating them. Learn how you can get rid of those pesky termites with these steps.


Step 1

Scrape away any termite nests with a glass scraper as soon as you see them. This will cause the termites to have to begin building the tube again instead of moving on to attack your house. This will give a day or two to get the supplies you need to kill the termites.

Step 2

Pour orange oil in a spray bottle and spray the areas of your house where you have seen the termites. Spray in other areas at the same time where you think that the termites could go. his method will work if you have only a small infestation.

Step 3

Purchase Termidor SC for $63.95. It is expensive, but it is highly effective and available for use by homeowners. One 20-oz. bottle will make 24 gallons of pesticide. Pour this all around your house and near any wooden structures. Soak any areas where you have seen termites.


Step 4

Head to Home Depot or Lowe's and buy some termite baits. Place the baits where you observed the termites and discard after the termites have died. This method will not work for large infestations.

Step 5

Get a bottle of Phantom Termiticide (see Resources) for $59.90. This bottle will make 20 gallons of pesticide. It works because the termites can't detect it. As they travel through it, they die. Apply it all around your foundation and anywhere you observed the termites.

Step 6

Hire a professional. If all of the above methods fail, you need to hire a professional. Termites are not pests you can take time to mess with. Try your methods for a week or two at the most and then call your local pest control expert.


Keep children and pets away from the pesticides. They can be very harmful.



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