Some plant varieties store all their food in their bulbs, which is why they are the perfect choice for growing indoors. Crocus and Hyacinths fall into this category, as well as several of the Narcissus tazetta. These include Soleil d, paper whites, and Chinese sacred lilies. The first group of bulbs grow well in glass vases designed specifically for this purpose. The second group also grow well in water filled vases or you can grow them in bowls filled with gravel and a little water. Whatever flower bulbs you choose and whatever method is right for the type, be assured, you can force a bulb to grow in water.

Bloom Bulbs in Water

Step 1

Place a hyacinth or crocus bulb in a glass vase. Fill the vase with water only to the base of the bulb.

Step 2

Store the vase in a cool and dark location, possibly a well-vented closet. Check the water level regularly to make sure the base of the bulb is still in the water.

Step 3

Keep the water level only to the bottom of the base even after the bulb develops roots.

Step 4

Continue to keep the vase in the dark until the root system matures and the bulb begins to sprout.

Step 5

Move the crocus bulbs to a sunny location when the top growth reaches 2 inches. Move the hyacinth bulbs when the buds reach 4 inches. Bulbs usually bloom in about 4 months.