How to Cheaply Remove a Tree Stump

Many people pride themselves on their yard's trees and shrubbery, but often some of these plants get out of control or are just no longer wanted. Cutting down the tree gives a larger view of a yard but can leave an unsightly stump. There are numerous expensive ways to have these tree stumps removed, but many people cannot afford to do them. Luckily, there are methods of stump removal that can be completed with common household materials. With just a little bit of time and little or no money, you can have that unsightly tree stump gone in no time.

Tree Stump

Step 1

Cut the tree stump down as far as possible. This will make it easier to remove and help prevent it from growing back.

Step 2

Afterward, apply rock salt or Epson salt all over the stump. Once the stump is covered with your choice of the two salts, cover it with dirt.

Step 3

Chop the stump repeatedly with an ax if you do not wish to cut it all the way to the ground. Once the stump is nicely chopped up, set it on fire. Afterward, start adding long burning materials to the fire (rubber, wood, etc.). Allow the stump to burn away completely. If you are dealing with a smaller stump, chop it with an ax until it is nearly mush. Leave the stump alone for a few days to allow it to die off. After a few days you can go outside and dig the stump out of the ground.

Step 4

Place a black. plastic bucket over the stump. The best type of bucket you can get is from a feed store, but if necessary, you can just spray paint a 5-gallon paint bucket black. Place something heavy on top of the bucket to hold it in place. This will prevent the stump from getting any sunlight and resprouting. The stump will die afterward, at which point you have the option of whether to dig it up.

Step 5

Drill holes into the stump if you are looking for a more natural way of removing it. Afterward, fill the holes up with high-nitrogen fertilizer. Make sure to keep the stump moist. This will give nourishment to the fungi growing in the tree. This will naturally decompose the stump. You can also make a compost pile on the stump to speed up the decomposition.