How to Make a Washing Machine Drum Firepit

You have probably seen them before, a simple fire pit made from the drum of a washing machine or dryer.

Make a Washing Machine Drum Firepit

First you will need to get a washing machine or a dryer drum. Check online classifieds or ask friends and neighbors if they have a broken dryer or washing machine that they are throwing away. Another place to try is a landfill.

Step 2

When you find a machine you will need to take the drum out. Various makes and models differ in how the agitator is removed. In some newer models, the agitator just lifts straight up and out. However, in most models you will have to do some combination of the following steps. First remove the fabric softener dispenser, if any. It should either lift or screw off. Next remove the cap. It may lift off, screw off or failing that, it may need to be pried off.

Beneath the cap some agitators are secured in place by a bolt. Use a socket wrench with an extension to remove that bolt.

Step 3

Turn the drum upside down and attach some bolts on the bottom or just set the tub on concrete blocks. Now it's ready to become a fire pit.