How to Machine Wash a Vinyl Shower Curtain

By Rosemary Rugnetta

Trying to hand wash a vinyl show curtain can be a very tedious task. Soap residue and water spots are very difficult and often impossible to remove. For this reason, many times vinyl shower curtains are tossed in the garbage unnecessarily. A vinyl shower curtain can easily be cleaned in a washing machine and will come out like new if you follow these steps.

Machine Wash a Vinyl Shower Curtain

Step 1

Remove the shower curtain from the hooks in the shower. Be careful not to rip the holes.

Step 2

Place some small towels into the bottom of the washing machine.

Step 3

Place the shower curtain in the washing machine, making sure that the soiled side is exposed.

Step 4

Place some more towels into the washing machine on top of the curtain. Let the washing machine fill with water.

Step 5

Put 1/2 to 1 cup of car washing liquid with wax into the water. Close the lid and let the washing machine wash away the grime from the shower curtain.

Step 6

Once the washing machine has completed its full cycle, remove the curtain slowly as there may still be some puddles of water left behind. You can now hang the curtain up to dry.