How to Clean Mirrors With Vinegar

The best way to clean mirrors and windows without streaks is to do so with a mixture of vinegar and water. This simple method is extremely effective and when wiped away with crumpled newspaper, you avoid the lint left behind by paper towels and cloths. Whether the mirror is big or small, this method cleans them all.


Gather together old newspaper, white vinegar, water and a clean spray bottle. Make sure the vinegar you use is distilled, as other types of vinegar don't work for cleaning mirrors.

Fill the spray bottle about halfway with water. Fill the remaining half with distilled white vinegar. Place the sprayer top back on the bottle and shake it a bit to mix the vinegar and water.

Spray the mirror liberally with the cleaning solution.

Wipe the cleaning solution off the mirror with a crumpled piece of newspaper. The newspaper does not leave streaks, dust or lint.