By Ruby Bayan

How to Make Bird Feeders. Making a bird feeder is fun and easy, especially for kids. Here are three simple bird feeders that you and your children can enjoy putting together and hanging outside the window for some close-up time with the backyard birds.

Make Bird Feeders

Step 1

Decide where you want to hang the bird feeders. They will be great just outside the window so that you can observe the birds up close. Be sure they are about 6 feet away from where a squirrel or cat can jump from; the squirrel will steal the seeds and the cat will go after the birds.

Step 2

Install the feeder hangers or hooks beforehand so that when your feeders are ready, you won't have to worry about how to hang them.

Step 3

Make a pinecone bird feeder. Choose a large open pinecone and tie a hanging string close to the stem end so that the pinecone is pointing straight down. Using a pastry brush, smear the entire pinecone with creamy peanut butter. Reach into the crevices. Grab handfuls of birdseed and gently sprinkle them onto the pinecone. Turn the pinecone while sprinkling so that it becomes completely covered with seeds.

Step 4

Make an orange peel feeder. Peel an orange in a circular motion; make sure the peel is one long strand. Tie a hanging string to one end. Brush creamy peanut butter all over the orange peel and dip the strand in a dish of birdseeds until it's completely covered.

Step 5

Make a "paint-it-yourself" unfinished wood bird feeder. Purchase a birdfeeder project from a crafts store. Paint it with your favorite acrylic colors and let it dry overnight. Fill it with birdseeds.

Step 6

Hang your birdfeeders by the window and watch your backyard birds enjoy the treat you've prepared for them.

Make a pinecone bird feeder.
Make an orange peel bird feeder.
Paint an unfinished wood bird feeder.
Hang the bird feeders by the window.