Paper has an incredible way of building up in people's homes. Newspapers, magazines and single pages or documents you print off your computer are likely the worst culprits. While recycling old paper products in the recycling bin provided by your community or dropping off paper at a local recycling center helps the environment, there are a lot of ways you can recycle paper at home, many of which will help you buy fewer paper products like paper towels. You may still be able to recycle your paper for processing once you've reused it as well.

Couple bundling up newspapers
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Stacks of old newspapers have a variety of uses around the house.

Step 1

Reuse newspapers to absorb odors. Crumpled-up newspaper can help absorb odors from items like tennis shoes and gym bags while also helping them retain their shape. Once you remove the newspaper, it can still be recycled and reprocessed.

Step 2

Turn newspaper and large magazine pages into gift wrap for small items. Newspaper and magazine pages, especially colorful sections, are a way to wrap a gift that isn't too big. Best of all, you'll save money on wrapping paper.

Step 3

Clean your windows with old newspapers. When used with a liquid window cleaning solution, newsprint will give your windows a streak-free shine. Newsprint is also lint-free, so it won't leave paper particles on your windows like paper towels or napkins can.

Step 4

Polish shoes and silver dinnerware with newspaper. If you use shoe polish or silver polish, you'll need to discard the newspaper after you're done using it.

Step 5

Make animal bedding with old newspaper pages. Newspaper is better than sawdust or straw as animal bedding because it resists bacteria and isn't toxic if your pet decides to make a snack out of it.

Step 6

Ripen fruits and vegetables with old newspaper pages. Wrapping a piece of fruit like a tomato or banana in a piece of newspaper helps speed up the ripening process because the newspaper traps the natural gas released by the fruit that causes ripening.

Step 7

Give old documents, pieces of paper that you printed driving directions on or other information you no longer need to your kids as scratch paper for drawing. Old magazine pages are excellent for paper mache and other art projects for kids. You can also keep pages with only one printed side for things like grocery and to-do lists.