How to Remove Rust From Tin

Your favorite baking pans and cookie sheets always seem to be the ones that collect the most rust. Tin is a soft, crystalline metal that is silvery white when not rusted. You can readily restore rusty tin to its natural luster.

Baking sheets may need cleaning if they become rusty over time.

Step 1

Rub the rust with super-fine steel wool. Rinse with warm soap and water should do the trick.

Step 2

Rub the rust with a peeled potato dipped in baking soda or salt.

Step 3

Soak the tin in container containing a cola drink. Soak and then let dry. Rub off the rust.

Step 4

Rub rusty tools with a soap-filled steel wool pad dipped in kerosene or turpentine. Follow by rubbing with wadded aluminum foil on the tools.