How to Make Your Corsage Last Longer

Keeping corsages fresh is important to people who need to purchase their corsages in advance of a special occasion or for those who just want to hold on to their beautiful flowers a bit longer. As potentially expensive as corsages and boutonnieres are, you don't want to find yours has prematurely wilted or browned.

Wear and store your corsage in the manner in which the flower grew -- stem down, bloom up.

Step 1

Find a spot in your refrigerator where the corsage will not be near produce. Apples, bananas and potatoes give off ethylene gas. While this gas is harmless to humans, it will severely shorten the life of your cut flowers.

Step 2

Dampen a cotton ball slightly with water and place that next to your corsage inside the bag or box. Keep it from directly touching your flowers.

Step 3

Place the corsage inside your refrigerator. Your corsage should keep nicely for a few days.