How to Repair Vertical Blinds

It's easy to repair vertical blinds, although any work on the head rails is best left to the factory's experts.


To remove a vane for replacement or cleaning, open the blind, lift the vane up off the hook on the holder or carrier, and bend the vane out to open the holder and down to pull it out (see A).

Step 2

For vinyl or aluminum vanes with a spacer chain, remove the screw or tie-down clip that secures the end of the chain. Feed the chain out through the vane you're removing and as many others as necessary to get to the damaged vane.

Step 3

For fabric vanes, disconnect the spacer-chain connector from one side of the vane weight and pull the weight out of its pocket in the bottom of the vane (see A).

Step 4

To install a vane, orient its curve in the same direction as those of the other vanes. Grasp the vane near the top and gently push it up into the holder, then down to lock it into place.


For vinyl or aluminum vanes, thread the chain through the holes in the replacement vane and subsequently through all other vanes between the replaced vane and the chain-anchor point. To maintain the proper spacing, cut a piece of cardboard to the appropriate length, using the existing spacing as a guide. Insert the cardboard between the last installed vane and the one you're installing next (see B).

Step 6

For fabric vanes, reinsert the vane weight (clip side up) into the pocket of the vane and clip the spacer-chain connector to it.

Step 7

For head-rail repairs, such as cord and hanger replacement, remove all vanes as described in steps 1 through 3 and disconnect the head rail from the mounting brackets so you can bring it in for professional repair. Typically you must rotate an arm on a mounting to unlock the head rail. Have a helper at the other end hold the blind so it doesn't fall.