How to Donate Old Furniture. Sure, you might be sick of looking at that same old avocado-green couch, but it could actually be a blessing to someone who needs it. In addition, by donating your old furniture, you'll be able to get a tax break for your contribution. It's a clear win-win; why not clear out some space and invite some good karma?

Donate Old Furniture

Step 1

Check your yellow pages under "Associations," "Health Service" or "Social and Human Services for Individuals and Families" to find local charitable organizations that may accept furniture donations. Also check under "Thrift Shops," as these places almost always accept such donations.

Step 2

Contact Goodwill (800-664-6577) or the Salvation Army (800-SAL-ARMY).

Step 3

Call your local high school's drama department or a community theater to see if they can use your furniture for sets.

Step 4

Arrange for the pickup of the furniture. Most charities will send someone to pick up your furniture if you donate it, but be sure to ask about this, especially if delivering the furniture yourself isn't an option.

Step 5

Get a receipt when the items are picked up by the charity. Once you get the receipt, itemize the items you gave to charity and list them with their fair market value. Attach this list to the receipt. See the Related Hunker, "Figure Fair Market Value for Donations of Property to Charities."

Step 6

Save your receipt and list for tax purposes.