Singapore's "Nine Lives" Design Show Is Making Cat Furnishings Chic

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You've likely never left a cat owner's home remarking on the trend-setting look of her pet's scratching post. But after this show's debut, that could change. The 9 Lives Design Show, which features the work of feline-focused designers, is entirely devoted to stylish cat furniture for those looking to satisfy their aesthetic sensibilities and their cat's happiness. The show is a part of Singapore Design Week, and takes place March 4 through March 6.

While it's tough to predict whether or not these creations will spark a particular market for upscale cat furnishings, the existence of these sleek, fashionable options — like a box that resembles a watermelon and a perch topped with a fun birdcage — is an encouraging sign for these often-unsightly accessories. After all, it's not easy to make a cat tower fit into a modern space.

Even if you're not in Singapore this weekend, you can still get a glimpse of the designs in the video below.