Home Remedies to Get Rid of Mice

The infamous slice of cheese placed onto the classic mousetrap is an extremely effective method of killing mice in your house. But if you're looking for a more humane way to do the deed, you can try several home remedies that will do the trick. Your main goal should be preventing mice from coming into your house in the first place. Do this by maintaining a tidy living environment, sealing up all food and blocking all possible entryways.

"Mouse standing on hind legs next to mousetrap on kitchen floor, looking uncertain"
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Mouse next to trap

Clean Up

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Food in airtight containers

Seal up all your food in airtight containers and get trash out into the dumpster as quickly as possible. Mice eat many types of food, even pet food, and they love nuts, seeds and grains. Make sure to clean up all crumbs, spills and trash in your house. If you have a pet, keep its food in elevated bowls and be wary of spills.

You should also organize any mess that mice can hide in. Mice are in your house looking for food, but they don't like being in open spaces. If you can eliminate all the clutter that serves as homes for mice, you can make your house uncomfortable for them.

Close Entrances

Active Home Repairs
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Man caulking patio door

If you can slip a pencil through the opening, it is big enough for a mouse to squeeze through. Use caulk to seal up holes in your walls, board up large holes with pieces of wood, and stuff steel wool into the smaller cracks. Mice will continue to come into your house if they have an entrance. Just cleaning up is not enough to prevent them from visiting.


Mint tea
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Peppermint plant

Rodents can't stand the smell of peppermint. Dip some cotton balls in peppermint oil and place them in problematic areas in your home. Try blocking any entryways with the balls and grow a few peppermint plants around the foundation of your home.

Bay Leaves

few bay leaves on table
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Bay leaves

Mice also don't like the smell of bay leaves, so they work as a great natural deterrent. Simply sprinkle some of the leaves around your home, and mice will do their best to stay away from them.

Carbonated Soda

Soda Cans
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Open soda can

Get a shallow plate or saucer and pour some sweet, carbonated soda into it. Place the saucer in an area where mice will be able to reach it. The carbonization kills the mice, but they will most likely die somewhere in your home. If they die in a hard-to-reach place, like the inside of your wall, it could lead to a foul odor.

Fox Urine

Fox in Snow
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Foxes are one of the most well-known hunters of mice, and any detection of them will send mice running in the other direction. You can buy products that contain fox urine and sprinkle the products around your house.

Hot Pepper

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Spray bottle

Get 1 gallon of water and mix in 1 tbsp. of Tabasco and a quarter cup of soap detergent. You can then put this mixture into a spray bottle and you will have a great repellent spray. Use this repellent in and around any areas that you're having mice.

Plaster of Paris

bowl of oats
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Dried oatmeal

Take some dry plaster of Paris and mix it with ground oatmeal. Place the mixture in places where mice can easily access it. The substance forces mice to seek water after they eat it. This is good because the mice will most likely leave your house to find water, dying somewhere outside. Make sure you don't have water available for them in your house.

Instant Potatoes

Measuring Spoons
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Measuring spoons

Place a few tablespoons where the mice are seen most often. The potatoes will expand inside their stomachs before they can digest it, killing the little rodent. Just like soda, the problem here lies with the possibility of the mouse dying somewhere in a hard-to-reach place in your home.

Get a Cat

Stray Cat Walking in Long Grass
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Cat prowls

There are cats that are trained to hunt rodents (called mousers) and they can be great solutions for your mice problem. Even if your cat isn't a mouser, it will still have fun kicking and dragging the little rascals around the house before it kills them. The cat's scent should also serve as a repellent for mice, as they know that the cat is one of their deadliest predators.