Rose Art Cotton Candy Machine Instructions

Rose Art makes a wide selection of products for children and adults alike. Inexpensive and simple to use, these cotton candy machines can provide hours of fun and satisfaction for almost every sweet tooth you may know.

Make your own cotton candy at home with a Rose Art Cotton Candy Machine.

The company's cotton candy machine is designed for children to use under adult supervision. Children should not use any kind of heated appliance without an adult present.

Warning: This cotton candy machine is under a 2009 recall. Those interested in the machine can inquire as to whether it has been redesigned by Rose Art.

Set Up

Be sure the cotton candy machine is placed on a sturdy surface that can withstand heat. Your kitchen counter should qualify. Turn on the Rose Art Cotton Candy machine. Allow the machine to heat up for approximately five minutes before proceeding. Do not leave the machine unattended once you have turned it on.


Start pouring in the cotton candy sugar that comes with your Rose Art Cotton Candy Machine -- about one teaspoon at a time. Slowly add the sugar in these increments.

Insert a paper cone into the cotton candy machine. Twirl the cone so the cotton candy will wrap around it. Continue this process until your paper cone is amply covered with a generous serving of cotton candy.

Repeat these steps until you have made as many cotton candy cones as you desire.

Never insert anything but the cotton candy cone into the designated opening, as you will risk serious burns.

Clean Up

Shut the Rose Art Cotton Candy Machine off, and allow it to cool down for at least half an hour. Disassemble all pieces leading to the actual cotton candy chamber. They come apart very easily and may be washed by running under hot water or wiping down with a damp sponge.

Dry all of the pieces of the machine and reassemble before storing so you don't lose any of the parts.