The Neptune is a line of washing machines that is manufactured by Maytag. These washers are meant for residential use. Like all other appliances, the Maytag Neptune is prone to error and failure. Maytag has provided consumers with an easy way to locate, diagnose and fix any errors that may arise through its error code display.


Code "do"

This code warns the consumer that the washer door is not closed tightly or locked properly. Making sure the washer door is closed completely should fix this error.

Code "FL"

The "FL" code means the washer door did not lock properly. Making sure the door is closed tightly should fix this error.

Code "SD"

This means too many suds have developed in your washer as a result of using too much detergent. The Maytag Neptune washer is equipped with a suds recovery cycle, which will attempt to fix this error automatically. When successful, the error code will be cleared from your washer. If you want to fix this error manually, simply reduce the amount of detergent used.

Code "PF"

This code signifies a power failure on behalf of your washer. Restarting the wash cycle should clear this problem, but you may also want to verify that the cord is plugged tightly into the electrical outlet.

Code "nd"

The "nd" code means that your washer is having difficulty draining water. Possible problems include a kinked drainage hose or a clogged stand pipe. Locating and fixing these issues should clear this error code.

Code "LO"

An error code of "LO" means that your washer has made repeated attempts to unlock the washer door and has failed. This can be fixed by making sure the door is closed properly, pressing the "Off" button on your washer and waiting for two minutes. If the washer door still refuses to open, unplugging your washer for two minutes and then plugging it back in should fix it.

Code "Lr"

The "Lr" code means your washer's motor is not working properly. You will need to call Maytag Neptune's Priority One service at 888-462-9824.

Code "nF"

This code means that your washer has failed to fill completely. This error can be cleared by locating and fixing any kinked hoses or by ensuring that all of your faucets are completely open.

Code "od"

The "od" code appears as a safety feature of the Maytag Neptune washer. This simply means that your washer door must be opened and reclosed before it will start a new cycle.