Outdoor Garden Ideas With the Virgin Mary

If you want to use a statue of the Virgin Mary in your garden but do not want to put it in half of an old bathtub, find more innovative display ideas. Look for ways to incorporate a statue into your garden in a way that blends into the style of the plants and landscaping.

Use a Virgin Mary statue to complement your garden.

Natural Stone Enclave

If you have a garden that backs up to a wall or a thick area of bushes or trees, make a stone enclave to hold your Virgin Mary statue. Look for rough bricks, natural stones, or rocks with uneven edges; choose stones that match the colors and geography of your local area to give the enclave an earthy feeling that blends in with the surroundings. Make a shallow, cave-shaped enclosure with the stones, building it so that the height is about a foot taller than the statue; for a more natural appearance, place it slightly back in the trees or against the wall. Don't worry about making the enclave symmetrical. Place your statue on a stone pillar so that it rests in the enclave.

Trellis Cover

For a romantic display for your Virgin Mary statue, use a trellis. Choose a trellis that is slightly taller than the statue, and look for one built out of a material that complements other garden furniture or structures. Place the trellis in a group of trees, at the end of a walkway, or in the center of the garden. Find a textured stone pedestal for your statue, looking for a material that matches the environment. Between the boards or rungs of the trellis, thread climbing vines, flowers, or flowering branches. Around the base of the trellis and around the pedestal, plant flowers or green shrubs to form a base for the statue.

Wall Display

In a small garden, use a wall display to show off a Virgin Mary statue. Choose a place against the wall of your garden or a house wall that borders the garden. Place a low, round stone planter against the wall; you can also make a planter that extends out from the wall to form a semi-circle shape. Fill the planter with soil and add a flat metal garden grid, used for climbing vines, to the back edge. Place the Virgin Mary statue about four inches in front of the grid. Plant various small flowers or green plants around the base of the statue, and start climbing vines on the grid. Over time, the plants will grow into a lush base and background, giving the impression that the statue is growing out of the plants.

Elizabeth Smith

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