Mobile-home skirting is barrier that extends from the bottom of the mobile home to the ground. It works to cover the mobile home's foundation and in some cases may even provide extra support to the home. Skirting will add to visual appeal, trap both heat and cold from escaping, and protect against animal or insect invasion. Mobile-home skirting is available in a variety of materials and styles.

Adding skirting to a mobile home can affect appearance


Vinyl skirting is pliable and easy to install and relatively inexpensive. It usually comes in lengths eight feet long and two feet wide and can be cut using vinyl cutters. It is also available in a variety of colors to match or complement your mobile home. Vinyl skirting is relatively flimsy and may be inadequate protection against storms or invasive animals and insects.


Galvanized metal or aluminum is a durable skirting option that is offered in different colors and styles as well. In a natural form, it can reflect light and insulate your home. It is necessary to add vents to galvanized metal or aluminum skirting. Installation may require special tools for cutting and securing to your mobile home.

Concrete and Stone

Concrete, stone and sandstone skirting are thick and heavy materials that will improve the overall look of your mobile home. They may require professional installation and will need to be vented. They are more expensive than some other mobile-home skirting options.

Brick Skirting

Using a brick-type skirting gives your mobile home a more solid appearance. Bricks are more expensive to use for skirting and they may require professional installation, mortar and masonry tools.


Mobile-home skirting can usually be installed nonprofessionally, but some types may require professional installation. Generally top and bottom racks are secured into the mobile home and ground surface and then skirting is cut to fit. Corner pieces are added to form the skirting to the edges of the mobile home. Vents and access doors are necessary for proper installation as well.