Home Remedies to Get Rid of Small Black Ants In a Home Kitchen

Native to the United States, small black ants invade homes and kitchens, feeding on meats, grease and sweets. Keeping a clean house, sealing off the ants' points of entrance and utilizing natural remedies may rid the home of these pests and prevent their return.

Use home remedies to rid the kitchen of small black ants.

Cleaning the Kitchen

Small black ants gather in kitchens when attracted by food, garbage and standing water. Mop up all spills, take out the trash and close any open food containers. Wash dishes thoroughly, and rinse all bottles and cans before throwing them out. Sealing canisters can be used to store cereals, grains, sugar and other food products more securely than their original boxes or bags. Keeping the kitchen clean on a regular basis removes ants' food sources within the home.

Cleaning with Vinegar

Vinegar helps rid the kitchen of small black ants and prevent their return. White vinegar—the less sugar the better—repels ants. Sprinkle it around points of entrance and in areas where they gather. When cleaning, wipe down counter tops with a solution of equal parts water and white vinegar. This wipes away pheromones created by trails, and the vinegar smell keeps the ants from coming back.

Sealing Entrance Points

Observe where small black ants enter the kitchen, and block the entrance to prevent their return. Seal all cracks and holes within the kitchen, as well as outside of the home. Ants may enter through cracks created by plumbing and wires, or other small points of entrance. Use caulk to seal small cracks and holes and to prevent little black ants from returning. Once they're sealed, wipe down or spray the areas with laundry or dish detergent to remove the ants' pheromones, which attract others in the colony.

Removing the Ant Colony

Small black ants may live outside of the home, but travel inside for food. Remove piles of wood and leaves or other debris sitting close to the house. Be sure as well to move outdoor garbage cans as far away from the home as possible. These items serve as a suitable habitats for small black ants, and removing them keeps the insects from colonizing or gathering around the home.

Other Home Remedies

Borax is poisonous to small black ants. Mix this with equal parts jelly, and spread it near the pests' point of entrance. Stuff bay leaves, fresh mint or cloves under counters and in cracks, and sprinkle talcum powder, baby powder, chili pepper or coffee grounds around their points of entrance. These all keep small black ants at bay, as they are natural insect repellents.