The oven is a common household appliances in a home. While all types of ovens require safety precautions to avoid any dangers, gas ovens require a little extra care, because there are more dangerous factors that could cause injury and damage. Being aware of these factors can help avoid danger to your home and family.

There are some dangers to look out for when using a gas oven.


There is a greater danger of fire when using a gas oven. While many gas ovens have pilot lights, some do not. If your oven does not have one, light the burner immediately after turning on the gas. Waiting too long can cause an explosion, which can severely injure anyone near the appliance. Gas ovens also heat very quickly, so always supervise anything that is cooking so it does not boil over or burn. Keep a fire extinguisher easily accessible in case of a fire. Do not use water, because it will spread the fire rather than putting it out. If a fire does start, get everyone out of the house and call emergency services.

Gas Leaks

Gas ovens work by using natural gas as an energy source, rather than using electricity. Because of this, a gas leak is another danger to look out for. If you hear a hissing noise or smell gas, open all the windows, get out of the house, and call the fire department and gas company for help.

Increased Levels of Carbon Monoxide

Hundreds of people die from carbon monoxide poisoning every year. Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless vapor produced when materials are burned, such as gas, wood, and charcoal. In small amounts, carbon monoxide is harmless, but large amounts can kill in minutes. If you own a gas stove, purchase a carbon monoxide detector, which will alert you if there are levels that are too high in your home. Never use your gas oven to heat your home. Doing this will dramatically increase the levels of carbon monoxide.

Cleaning and Maintenance

If you own a gas oven, more attention to maintenance is needed. Keep the oven clean, and check the flue to make sure it is clean and ventilating properly. Also regularly check all parts of the stove, and replace any that look damaged.