Things to Do With Used Swimming Pools

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Aluminum-sided pools have other potential uses.

The art of repurposing items has become popular in recent years. People are finding ways to save money by reusing old items in new ways. Used swimming pools can be repurposed into a large variety of new uses.

Back Yard Pond

One way to repurpose an aluminum sided pool or a plastic children's pool is to use it to create a backyard pond for fish, plants and wildlife. Dig a hole that the pool will fit all the way into. For aluminum-sided pools, do not reuse the liner. Use the sides for the sides of the pond and get a new pond liner. The liner could be contaminated with pool chemicals. For a children's pool, you will not need a liner. Place the pool in the freshly-dug hole so the top is even with the ground. This allows for placement of bricks or flagstone around the edge to camouflage the pool. Decorate with plants, fountain and fish. Be sure to add a water pump and filter.


Many people believe that it is best to water plants from the bottom. Reuse kiddy pools as a way to water your container garden from the bottom without having to water one plant at a time. Set container plants in the pool, set the hose inside and turn it on. Do not overfill. Fill with only enough water for the plants for one to two days at the most. Standing water will become a mosquito breeding ground and will quickly become stagnant and smell like rotting fish, which will also attract an abundance of flies.


Small plastic or air-filled children's pools will fit under most beds. This works nicely for a child’s bedroom because their toys usually end up under the bed. Place the toys in the pool and slide it under the bed for storage.

Dog Bed

Purchased dog beds can be costly, especially for large dogs. A cost-effective way to make a dog bed for any size of dog is to place old pillows and blankets in a used children's pool. This also works well for a mother and her pups.

Sand Box

Use an old children's pool for a sand box. The pool will help contain the sand and can easily be covered with a tarp when not in use.


The aluminum sides of a pool can be reused as roofing or siding for a playhouse. The sides and liner can be used to cover a dog kennel or run. Dogs should have a shaded area during the hot summer months.

Water Slide

Unroll the sides of a lined aluminum-sided pool and lay it flat on the ground. Stake the corners, turn on a sprinkler and slide down the length of the wet slide.


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