A swimming pool can be a great addition to any backyard, especially in primarily warm climates. But above ground pool units can be eyesores. Fortunately you can use a variety of landscaping ideas to enhance your backyard oasis, most without the expense of hiring a professional landscaper. With a little creative thinking and a few trips to your local home improvement store, you can create the backyard paradise you have always wanted.

Turn your backyard swimming pool into your own private paradise.

Traditional Landscaping

Using traditional landscaping elements such as trees and plants around your above ground pool provides you with endless possibilities. You can use taller bushes or shrubs around the pool as a simple way to decorate the exterior. You can also find a way to incorporate your pool into your backyard landscape, instead of building the landscaping around the pool. For example, instead of planting all your greenery around the pool, draw attention away from the pool by creating a small garden or landscape feature on the opposite side of the yard.

Practical Landscaping

Another simple way to decorate your above ground pool is to add fencing around the exterior. For a more practical landscaping element, add a deck or patio. This idea can provide extra space for seating, storage (underneath) or simply a way to camouflage your above ground pool. This can also provide an easier way to access your pool than a standard ladder. For a more unique feel, add different height levels to your deck or patio, the highest being at pool level, the lowest on the ground or at the height of your back door.

Outdoor Living Space

If adding a deck seems too bulky, and planting trees is not your thing, you can transform your backyard into an outdoor living space, and hide your above ground pool at the same time. Try adding elements like a gazebo or tiki style bar or hut to partially block the pool from view. You can also build an outdoor kitchen around your pool, including a grill, small refrigerator or extra storage space. Creating this type of landscape for your backyard is perfect if you enjoy spending most of your time outdoors.

All of the Above

If you are feeling truly ambitious, you can opt to include all of the above elements in your landscaping. Place a covered swinging seat in front of the pool and plant shrubs or flowers around it. Build a small deck in front of the pool, and line up your outdoor bar, grill or patio furniture beside it, instead of on the deck. The important thing to remember is to incorporate your own personal style, and to find ways to draw your attention away from the above ground pool by making your backyard feel like home.