PVC Clothes-Drying Rack Projects

For those who want to save energy and money by air drying their laundry, PVC clothes-drying racks can help. You can build large racks for outdoor drying or smaller ones to help you dry your hand-washables more easily. Build a selection of PVC clothes-drying racks to keep in your laundry room for each use.

PVC projects for clothes-drying racks can help you do laundry.

Umbrella Style Clothes-Drying Rack

Create an umbrella-shaped drying rack from PVC pipe easily. Start with a tall, sturdy PVC pipe for the central upright and attach two T-shaped three-way connectors to the top, one on top of the other. Add long PVC pipes radiating out from these connectors for the spokes of the clothes-drying rack.

On the other end of the long upright PVC pipe, create a base by attaching an X-shaped connector with pipes coming out from each opening. If desired, you can also hammer a wider PVC pipe piece into the ground and just slip the upright pole for the clothes rack into it.

Stretch clothesline in a web pattern from spoke to spoke at the top of the rack. This can be held on with construction staples and a staple gun.

Flat Clothes-Drying Rack for Sweaters

A 24-inch by 18-inch frame that lifts a sweater or other delicate piece of clothing off the table will help it dry faster without being stretched out of shape. Start with two pieces of 24-inch long PVC pipe and make five cross-bars of 18-inch long pipe. Use T-shaped connectors to attach the three 18-inch pipes in the center, and three-way PVC connectors to attach the pipes at the top and bottom. At each corner of this rectangle, attach short PVC legs to the bottom. Put on PVC end caps so the pipes will not scratch your furniture.

Multi-Tier Clothing Rack from PVC Pipes

A multi-tier clothing rack made from PVC pipes can be fashioned for use with many different garments, from jeans to socks. You can adjust the size of the rack as needed.

Start with two long pieces of PVC pipe laid on the ground parallel to each other. Connect two shorter pieces to each end of one of the pipes with a three-way connector. Slide two or three T-shaped connectors onto the short pipe and then connect the other end of it to the other long PVC pipe laying on the ground.

Attach upright pipes to each pair of T-shaped connectors on the ground supports. You can make each pair of uprights a different height from the others if you want multiple tiers on this clothes-drying rack. Finish the top of the rack by adding an elbow PVC coupling to each upright pipe and then adding a cross bar between them. You will have multiple upright frames that will support wet jeans, T-shirts or other clothing that needs to dry.

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