The thermostat is the "brain" of your home heating and cooling system. It tells the furnace or air conditioner when to turn on, and when it has reached the designated temperature, when to turn off. Thermostats can be manual or fully programmable, allowing you to set temperature variations throughout the day. The newest addition to the thermostat family is a remote operated device that allows you to change the temperature setting from any area in your home.

Honeywell thermostats can help keep your home comfortable.

Round Mechanical Non-Programmable

The T87K round is Honeywell's most recognizable thermostat and has been in American homes for more than 50 years. The T87K is a mechanical dial, twist to set thermostat providing 24 vac control in the classic round style. This unit is for heat control only. The T87N offers large easier to see numbers, and the dial "clicks" with every 2 degree setting change.

Standard Mechanical Non-Programmable

Honeywell's T822 thermostats are single stage units providing 24 vac control of either a low voltage heating system or a cooling system. Simple styling with a vented cover for better heat sensing, these models can be found in vertical or horizontal models.

The T834 Mercury Switch Thermostat provides control for gas, oil or electric heating and air conditioning equipment. These units are available in heat only or heat/cool models and with the same style and mounting options as the T822.

Honeywell offers several mechanical non-programmable thermostats that provide 240 vac control for electric heating systems. The T410, T498 and T4398 models provide reliable line voltage control for electric baseboard heat.

Digital Non-Programmable

Honeywell offers a wide variety of digital non-programmable thermostats. The FocusPro models offer a large, bright back-lit display and simple soft-key controls. These units offer dual-power and can be used for gas, oil, electric, heat pump or hot water systems.

Other models in this class provide manual changeover from heat to cool and are available for heat only, electric floor heat, hydronic heating, VAV systems, heat pumps and cooling systems. With over 25 different models, you can be sure to find the unit to best handle your thermostat needs.

Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats allow you to set a variety of temperatures based on your family's lifestyle. You can program the units to keep temperatures lower when you're away or at night, and higher when your family is home and active. This feature can save up to 33 percent on your home's heating and cooling bills. Honeywell offers a wide variety of these units with progra-ability of 1 day/1 temperature settings (Y8224A1019) up to 7 day/multiple temperature settings (Prestige). This means that you could set the thermometer every day of the week and every hour of the day with an individual temperature setting. The available models have a variety of different features, and the Honeywell website offers a great search tool to find the unit that best meets your needs.

Wireless Thermostat

The convenience of wireless is now available for your home thermostat, providing easy installation, daily programming, outdoor temperature readings and even a wireless remote to control the temperature from any room in your home. The thermostat relays the information to an equipment interface module which is wired to your heating and cooling system. Honeywell wireless models include FocusPro, T8665 and Prestige.