Envirotex Lite is a thick polymer coating compound used to coat surfaces with a high-gloss finish. Envirotex Lite is regularly used by restaurants, bars and cafes to provide a durable, long lasting and high-shine appearance on tables, countertops, stools and bars. Resilience and durability is the product's bestselling feature; it requires only one coat for an appealing finish and doesn't require polish to maintain its glossy finish. (One coat is equal to approximately 50 applications of varnish.) Envirotex Lite is also praised for both its heat and alcohol resistant properties.

Envirotex Lite is used to provide high-gloss finishes to counters and bar tops.

Coating Conditions

Envirotex Lite must be applied in a clean, dry environment that is dust free and less than 50 percent humid. Applying the polymer compound in an environment with a humidity of 50 percent or higher creates an oily film to develop on the surface finish that will require reapplication in the correct environment. Envirotex Lite takes about 36 hours to harden and cure; the lower the humidity, the faster the curing time. If humidity is a problem, use a dehumidifier. Environmental Technology Inc., the makers of Envirotex, also recommend to perform the application in work areas with temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Application Tips

Apply Envirotex Lite on a clean, dry and elevated surface to allow all areas of application to be fully exposed. The surface should be level and cleaned of oil, dirt and extraneous debris. Once properly mixed, Envirotex Lite must be immediately poured over the surface in a circular pattern, starting from the edge and moving toward the center to make the most of its 25 minute working time. Air bubbles created from mixing the product will rise to the surface; exhaling over the bubbles will help them break, but applying the heat of a small propane torch over larger surfaces will remove them in a much quicker and more effective manner.

Curing and Hardening Conditions

Envirotex Lite's manufacturers suggest that room temperatures between 80 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit improve the speed of curing and hardening after the product is poured and applied. Product temperatures can be controlled with the use of a small electric heater. Avoid propane heater use as burning propane produces moisture vapor. Once set, protect the surface from lint and dust by covering it with a plastic drop sheet.

Finishing Touches

Envirotex takes approximately 36 hours to harden and cure. Once hardened, finishing touches can be applied for the final look. Sand wavy edges or drips with 120 grit sandpaper to flatten straight edges, then wipe clean and reapply a final flood coat. Drips can also be removed by applying 2-inch-wide plastic (not masking) tape to the back of the product prior to coating to catch drips. After the coating has cured, remove the tape.